Field of Flowers

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I grew up in Vermont on the edge of a patch of woods. As a child I would wander around the fields and forests, picking wildflowers to return home to my mother. These are some of my most precious memories of my formative years. Having worked with glass for over 10 years, with my art hanging in private collections across the country, I decided I needed to branch out into a new medium. Drawing upon my wanderings into nature, I seek to capture the essence of the leaves and flowers that I love so much in a plaster casting. Like a fossil unearthed from an archeological dig, my castings reflect a brief moment in time. Made with the finest plaster and colored with minerals and pigments extracted from around the world, I have found another way to express my love and joy for nature. I am a self taught artist on a never ending journey to create something that will speak to your heart and bring beauty into your home.


The Unfurling of Spring

Plaster Casting with Woodland Plants

“After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, love, and so on — have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear — what remains? Nature remains… the trees, fields, the changes of seasons — the sun by day and the stars of heaven by night.”

Walt Whitman



Thank you for viewing my portfolio. You can watch a video of my plaster process at:  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the adjacent form.

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